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One of many topics that have arisen in our millennial is the ever-growing awareness of mental health and suicide prevention through pop culture and media. This generation is extraordinarily sensitive to the effects of bullying, toxic masculinity, standards for women and negativity towards the LGBQT+ community. Michael Leoni’s When Today Ends captures these elements through the most powerful lens possible: found footage, or a shot-on-iPhone experience that envelops the viewer in as intense, emotional and thought-provoking a manor as possible (even if it relies once in a while on clichés).

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#WhenTodayEnds is another entry in the growing list of films told through social media and smartphones. The difference is the story is not about the dangers of technology (though social media is obviously a huge part of it) or a supernatural terror. The movie deals with the very real issues of depression and criticism, and suicide.

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Michael Leoni continues his run of emotionally impactful stories with this latest film. This time he takes his storytelling from the stage to the silver screen, telling the story of depression and desperation regarding teen suicide. The film has a hyper-realistic style of filming that tends to let you forget you’re watching something fictional. It’s also compounded by the incredible performances from the leads Derick Breezee, Jacqi Vene, and Gavin Leatherwood. Each of whom brings depth and complexity to their characters. A difficult feat as each actor had to deal with long monologues and deeply traumatic portrayals that will hit hard with audiences all whilst filming themselves.

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WHEN TODAY ENDS, the new film from Award-Winning Writer/Director Michael Leoni (American Street Kid), Executive Produced by Mark A. Burley (Orange Is The New Black, Weeds, Glow) and Academy Award nominated & BAFTA Award winning Howard Barish, is now available worldwide on streaming platforms. The film stars Gavin Leatherwood (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), Jacqi Venè. Derick Breezee, Logan Garretson, and Angel Guadalupe, and centers around a current social trend too deadly familiar to be ignored.

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LRM Online's Gig Patta talked with actor Derick Breezee and director/writer Michael Leoni for the drama When Today Ends.

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Vegas Film Critic (Jeffrey K. Howard) speaks with Director Michael Leoni and Actor Derick Breezee for their new drama, WhenToday Ends.

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Film Critic Tony Toscano reviews “When Today Ends” and interviews cast member Derick Breezee for ABC4 News.

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Welcome to the new IFC Podcast! Today we have the opportunity to speak with Michael Leoni and Derick Breezee about their latest movie, When Today Ends. We will also be talking about the podcast's inception, some of the new movies and TV shows coming out, and AT&T's decision to sell off Warner Media to Discovery+.

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